Bios Agri is a global leader

in value-added Food Feed, Agri Industrial, Cosmetics, and Medical solutions.

Bios Agri

Bios means life. We at Bios Agri are committed to enhancing life through innovative science and have high values on quality, environment-friendly production and safety in using chemicals.

With such strong objective, we continue developing technologically advanced solutions for multiple industries that are safe and ecologically sound.


We integrate economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection


Through science and innovation, we enable our customers globally to meet the current and future needs of society


Our products and solutions contribute to conserving resources, ensuring healthy food and nutrition, and improving quality of life

Bios Agri is a global company with a clear mission to reduce the usage of poisonous and harmful chemicals, fight climate change, and address the food and feed industry’s current and future needs.


Bios Agri’s philosophy is based upon four core pillars, central to all company initiatives:

Innovation: Demonstrate our primacy in science through scientific advancement and research

Application: Practically implement new technologies to provide real-world solutions and benefits

Involvement: Positively contribute to the land, local communities simply because it is the right thing.

Education: Invest in education for employees, partners and the next generation, particularly in science and the arts

Our commitment to these pillars can be measured by our team’s achievements in the fields of research, education, new technologies, and the progress of our customers worldwide.

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