Agri Commodities

Oat farming and oats consumption for human food and feeding animals is a long tradition known worldwide.

Finland’s is known for its most clean air and suitable soil quality. The climate is cool, which is best suited for oat cultivation. The unique growing season long summer days, along with the right cultivation techniques, produce top-quality oats in weight and kernel size, well suited for both human consumption and animal feed.

The quality of our Biosoats enables its flexible use in human consumption, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, or animal feed.

Bios Agri has excellent storage and export possibilities. The grain is dry, clean, and lightly golden.

Modern milling technology

The latest milling technology is used. The oat processing industry focuses on skilled personnel, the continuous development of technology, environmentally friendly operations and the latest research.

Outstanding processing properties

The milling yield of oats is high, and milling properties are the finest, and oats have superb qualities for further processing into food-grade or feed products for international markets.

Oats as Feed 

The animal feed industry tends to use both regular oats and the dehulled oats. The dehulling process improves feed value and palatability. Dehulled oats are excellently suited for poultry, horses due to their high energy content.

It can be used for both ruminants and monogastric animals, pet food (cats, dogs, and game animals), Poultry feed, Horse feed, Pig feed and Cattle feed.

Oats differ from other Cereals: 

Oats have a higher protein percentage and well-balanced amino acid composition

Oat oil is of good quality and improves the energy value of oats.

Oats have a high vitamin B1 content

Oats are rich in protein and energy content

Oats also contain Vitamin B2, B6, A, K and vitamin E

Biosoats Grades:

Biosoats whole grain, Biosoats dehulled pellets and Biosoats Bran.