Biosoftt PC

Biosoftt PC is ready to use water conditioner for high water quality required daily by the farm animals.

Biosoftt PC also acts as an antifouling agent to maintain water quality and reduce the water pH and does not allow scaling.

Mode of Action

Maintains pH of water optimally acidic.

It does not allow Biofilm formation on the inner surface of water ducts (pipelines), thus reducing the chances of constructing breeding depots of microbes within the channels.

Regular application does not allow deposition of salt crusts in the water system, thus prevents choking of nipples and pipeline hardening or cracks.

Do not react with plastic, metal surfaces etc., hence no chemical leaching and longer life of the contact surfaces.

Ensures total water quality. 


Non-corrosive to plastics, metals, steel, or rubber.

Long-lasting effect. 

High-temperature stability.

Free from heavy metals.

Easily soluble in water.


Non-mutagenic (Negative Ames Test).

High UV stability.

VOC free.

Odour free and Environmental friendly.