Biofarm Ace

Biofarm Ace (BFA aqua) is high protein supplement having a good essential Amino acid profile. BFA aqua can be considered as substitute to soya and expensive animal proteins. BFA aqua has potential to replace higher levels of expensive proteins in aqua feeds.

BFA aqua provides more flexibility in feed formulation.

BFA aqua features:

  • BFA aqua is founded as high protein and energy source.
  • Alternative to expensive and scarce good quality Soya Bean and expensive animal protiens.
  • Feed safety and performances better than Soy protein.
    Alternative to GMO soy protein
  • Free from bacterial infections (eg. Salmonella)
  • 50% to 100% replacement based on diets and needs.
  • Free from animal gelatin derivatives
  • Economical tool for absorbing the ever inflating feed costs.
  • No price fluctuations.