Bios Vit

Vitamins are organic compounds needed in minute amounts but are essential for life and must be absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract. Cattle synthesize water soluble vitamins by rumen microorganisms, tissues or they try to obtain it from environment. Requirement of proper balance vitamins in diet is necessary to achieve optimum levels of growth, health, reproduction and also for profitability.

Many metabolic processes are initiated and controlled by specific vitamins and are involved in over 30 metabolic reactions including cellular metabolism and plays important role Krebs cycle in energy metabolism.

Bios Vit is designed with proper proportion and amount of vitamins,considering its availability and nutrient requirements in the feedstuff being consumed by cattle. Small investment in this strategic vitamin supplementation can improve profitability of producers in animal farming.

Each Gram of BIOSVIT Contains:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin H
  • Nicotinamide

Features and Benefits :

  • Supplies vitamins as per requirements of animal body
  • Improves productivity and performance of animal
  • Improves fertility and reproductive health
  • Improves milk and milk solids
  • Ensures proper absorption of dietary Calcium
  • Protects from Mastitis
  • Improves body coat condition
  • Prevents Rickets in calves
  • Improves vision of animal
  • Improves immunity