Bios Enrich

Bios Enrich

Enriched Nutrition

Farm producers face the challenges of meeting the growing demand for safe, high-quality animal products while controlling infectious diseases, consumer preferences and environmental impact on animals. Each challenge should be intended and addressed for a successful cow/calf operation.

Bios has a deep understanding of cattle, beef nutrition, and market demand with a passion for success. Our nutrition solutions meet the nutrient requirements for herd health and reproduction efficiency, reducing risk and costs.

Bios Enrich is designed to provide quality nutrition for beef and dairy cattle for all ages and under critical conditions. Bios Enrich is a wholesome combination of Bios AgriCorp’s proven products such as Biofix, Biosmin 8 and Biosvit. Also, Bios Enrich contains Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide and STS.


  • Enriched nutrition
  • Efficient toxin management
  • Enhanced production
  • Healthier Animals
  • Higher returns

Major Components

A perfect combination of Biofix, Biosmin-8, Biosvit along with

  • Di-Calcium Phosphate
  • Magnesium oxide
  • STS