BiosAgri Min P

BiosAgri Min P – Trace Minerals for Poultry

Trace minerals provides the essential animals nutrients need for metabolic functions such as growth, development, immunity and reproduction. Even moderate deficiencies can adversely impact animal performances.

Contents per Kg

Zinc 80 gm
Manganese100 gm
Copper10 gm
 Iron120 gm
Cobalt1 gm
Iodine1 gm
Selenium300 mg
Carrier Qs 


  • High stability
  • Improvised production
  • Improved feed conversion ratio
  • Fulfils mineral requirement of bird and avoid deficiencies disorders.
  • Faster growth, healthier flock
  • Prevents diseases

Recommended usage :

  • Pre-lay, Layer, Breeders – 1kg/ton
  • Chicks/ Broiler (starter, grower, finisher) – 800 g/ton

BiosAgri Min P (Chelated premix )