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Bios Tensides are amphipathic compounds with lipophilic (hydrophobic non-polar) and hydrophilic (polar) sites within one molecule that modifies water interfacial tension.

Bios Tensides has excellent cleaning, wetting, dispersing, emulsifying, and foaming properties and can be used in many practical applications and products, for instance, industrial, agricultural, cosmetics and others.

  • Household cleaning products as a universal wash, dish wash, sanitary cleaner, window cleaner, kitchen cleaner, floor wash etc. Car shampoos and other car cleaning products.
  • Industrial products like an emulgent.
  • In the metal industry and automobile for cleaning surfaces
  • Water penetration enhancer in the soil for Irrigated Agriculture lands
  • Chemical spreader in plantations and Agri farms.
  • Binding agent for the construction industry
  • Agriculture and food industry: Farm wash, animal wash,
  • Dairy farms, CIP, multi-purpose cleaning in food and feed industries.
  • Cosmetics, hygiene products and personal care like shampoo and hair care, shower gel, hand wash, toothpaste and pet shampoos.
Bios Tensides can also be used in biochemistry, cell biology or molecular biology. Protein solubilization, protein crystallization, or background staining reduction in blotting experiments, just a few examples.