Biosoftt Intra Uterine


Uterine diseases in dairy cows can be classified as puerperal metritis, clinical metritis, clinical endometritis, and subclinical endometritis. These diseases are highly prevalent in high-producing dairy cows and have been associated with decreased pregnancy per artificial insemination (AI), extended interval to pregnancy, increased culling, and economic losses.

Biosoftt IU is a new generation, nonirritant, higly safe intrauterine hygiene for use during post-partum period to help maintain or restore normal uterine environment in cows as well as pigs. Highly effective against the intra uterine infections either caused by bacteria, viruses or fungal spores.

Biosoftt IU is specifically designed so as to cover the entire surface of the Uterus. The active component CPC, ensures long term activity against all the major microbes.


  • Biosoftt IU is non irritant, non toxic to soft tissues / membranes, does not impart any type of irritation to the delicate membranes or tissues.
  • Prevents infections such as endometritis, pyometra, perimetritis, salpingitis (inflamation of oviducts) oophoritis or severe damage to the endometrium caused due to retained placenta.
  • It helps to maintain & restore normal uterine environments which ensures cow, reproductive performance post calving Biosoftt IU.
  • Highly effective against anoestrous conditions, cervicitis, vaginitis and repeat breeding.
  • No residues and no milk withholding.
  • No chance of resistance over prolong use.
  • Required in smaller concentration as compared to the traditional lntra Uterine infusions or chemicals.
  • Safe for application / handling.
  • Not any specific storage condition required / cold storage.
  • Easy to administer with syringe for accurate dosing.

Biosoftt IU has a non-specific mode of biocidal action, which means that bacterial resistance can not occur.

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