Biosoftt AG

Biosoftt AG

Maintaining food hygiene standards and reducing post-harvest food losses is a primary agricultural goal. For highly perishable commodities such as potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, banana, and peaches, as much as 30 to 40 % of the harvested crop may be lost to post-harvest diseases before they reach the consumer. Preventing post-harvest loss is usually less costly for the grower and the consumer and less harmful to the environment than efforts to increase production.

High-risk chemicals have been used for the past several decades to reduce the incidence of post-harvest diseases. Although effective, many of these harmful substances have been removed from the market in recent years because of economic, environmental, or health concerns.

The exceptional properties of Biosoftt AG can provide an ecologically  safe solution to traditional high-risk chemicals. The use of Biosoftt AG improves the shelf life of produce and reduces post-harvest losses. Biosoftt AG can be used during banana, apple, grape, potato, tomato post-harvesting operations. Biosoftt AG can enhance the shelf life of the produce and prevent spoilage. Biosoftt AG is a safe, biodegradable, versatile water conditioner and is safe to use, harmless to the environment, and non-corrosive to the equipment. It is the ideal solution that can be used confidently by the farmers and integrated agribusiness.


  • Post-harvest treatment for Agri commodities such as grains, fruits, and vegetable Control of pathogens in the hydroponic nutrient system water.
  • Post-harvest washing of fruit and vegetables to control fungus, mould and disease.
  • A practical, versatile general-purpose hygiene and water conditioner.