BiosAgri AquaMin

BiosAgri AquaMin is a complete mineral feed supplement for optimum production in Prawns, Shrimps and Fish fortified with essential Vitamins and Amino Acid.


  • BiosAgri AquaMin helps in maintaining Osmotic Balance in Prawns, Shrimps and Fish.
  • BiosAgri AquaMin helps in development of skeletal structures. The minerals in Biosmin Mix Aqua support biological life processes and enzyme production in a Prawn, Shrimp and Fish.
  • BiosAgri AquaMin provides complete assimilation of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium resulting in healthy bone and shell formation, tonicity of muscles and formation of collagen.
  • BiosAgri AquaMin contains essential electrolytes (Potassium and Sodium) for osmoregulation and nutrient transfer to cells resulting in healthy growth and development in Prawns, Shrimps and Fish.
  • BiosAgri AquaMin contains Micro minerals like Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Iron, Zinc and Selenium which are essential for blood formation, enzyme reactions in gut, body cells and shell development.
  • BiosAgri AquaMin contains essential Amino acids (Lysine and Methionine) for protein synthesis resulting in good on flesh quality. Biosmin Mix Aqua provides essential vitamins for healthy growth and maintenance of Aquaculture.


Macro Minerals
Micro Minerals
Vitamins Coated
Amino Acids
CalciumManganeseVitamin CLactic Acid BacillusDL-Methionine
PhosphorousCopperVitamin B12 L-Lysine
PotassiumCobaltVitamin D  
MagnesiumIronVitamin E  
SodiumZincVitamin A