Cookie policy

When visiting Bios Agri websites, your device will receive one or more cookies which will be sent from our web hosting to your browser.

What cookies are?

Cookie is a small text-file which the browser saves into user’s device. Cookies do not harm any of your files or device. The cookies can be divided into permanent cookies and session-specific cookies. The permanent cookies are being stored in your device until the time specified in the cookie, after the specified time the cookies are removed automatically or after removing cookies from your browser. Session-specific cookies are stored on your device only during the time you are spending on our websites and will be removed after closing the browser.

Why and what for are we using cookies?

We use cookies on our web services to be able to improve user experience, monitor the using of our websites and improve our services. Cookies allow us to, for example, remember your chosen language settings so you don’t have to choose language settings again when visiting our websites. In other words, we can improve the content and functionality of our web services. We also use cookies to target our marketing to different target groups to be able to offer you as interesting content as possible. In addition, we measure the attractiveness of our services and websites.

The information we collect with cookies are, for example, IP-address, browser and device type and browsing country. With cookies we cannot personalize you, and we do not combine cookie-information with possibly other personal data acquired in another context.

How can I prevent the use of cookies or remove them?

Most of the browsers approve cookies by default. However, you can block and delete cookies from the settings of your device or browser. If you block or delete the use of cookies, the convenience of using our web services may decrease and, for example, our website will not remember your language settings.

Removing cookies from the history of the browser resets the cookies but will not end the use of cookies entirely.

Alternatively, you can use incognito or private browsing mode while browsing the websites.

You can find the guides to remove cookies from commonly used browsers from here: Internet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome   and  Safari .

Disclosure to Third Parties

In addition to the cookies of our web services, we use third party cookies.

The third party cookies belong to third parties such as network analytics service providers. We use, for example, Google Analytics and Adwords cookies to target our marketing on different platforms and to gather measurement- and analytic data for our web services.

The third parties can personalize you with the cookie data collected by them to be able to show you personalized content. To the services of third parties, their own privacy policies are being applied and Bios Agri is not responsible for the data gathering and processing of the third parties.

If you want to block the cookies set by Google Analytics, you may download a add-on which can be found from here . You can also use other cookie and monitoring blocking tools and add-ons.

Additionally, we enable the use of social media add-ons within our web services in which case you can visit on our social media pages and use share buttons on our web services. For those services the terms of use of the providers are being applied. Here you can find for example the terms of use of   GoogleFacebookTwitter  and  Youtube .


Bios Agri Ltd reserves the right to change Cookie Policy, in case the Cookie policy requires updating, for example, due to changes in legislation.